KLONE 90 DAY Start up Service:
Our staff will JumpStart your team’s use of the KLONE software application and guide implementation by conducting weekly planning and support calls.

Your team will be coached on:

• How to quickly achieve value with KLONE

• Review KLONE Administration & Usage Tips

• How to upload & categorize Content, Documents, and Pictures

• Brand the KLONE QUERY Viewer to display your company logo, colors, and messages.

Don’t have extra time in your already busy schedule to start a new project? Following our methodology, DESIGN.DEVELOP.DEPLOY

We optimize your ramp up time leading towards quicker startup and team productivity.

1. KLONE DESIGN: Let’s collaborate and strategize.

• Confirm the work focus and objectives

• Establish the desired outcomes or goals / metrics

• Identify team members participating across the activities

• Develop a Project Timeline & Schedule

• Document & review existing content

2. KLONE DEVELOP: Our expert consultants conduct “Capture Workshops” on site and collaborate with your team to document & develop best practice content.

• Align on content development priorities

• Collaborate with the participants to create content that is uploaded into KLONE.

• Facilitate Edit & Review sessions to refine workshop outputs

3. KLONE DEPLOY: Set your business up for success!

• Upload the approved content into KLONE and increase consistency!

• Train your team to use KLONE and increase productivity and efficiency!

• Maintain your systems and improve performance!

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