KLONE QUERY provides consistent access and communication with company leaders and managers 24/7. KLONE QUERY stands-alone or is connected to your business’s current website, employee portals, or is embedded into other business workflows.

KLONE QUERY (for external access) provides immediate response to the most commonly asked questions (FAQs) 24/7.

The KLONE QUERY (for internal users) reinforces the company’s vision providing open door access for immediate coaching conversations, mentorship, and delivering reliable guidance to reinforce the company’s core values and policies.

KLONE QUERY saves you money:

• Every time an employee has to stop what they’re doing to ask a manager what to do, it costs you money.

• Every time a manager postpones a decision because they’re afraid to make the wrong decision, it costs you money.

KLONE QUERY is “your solution” to continuously develop and encourage employees to ask their questions, confirm that they know which direction they need to take, and be assured that they are on the right path. By storing the basic decision-making guidelines into KLONE QUERY, employees will feel more empowered and confident to make decisions on their own.

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