Develop Organizational Memory

KLONE Checklists document “organizational memory’ so that employees have immediate access to approved direction from the company leaders vs. various interpretations and sometimes false direction from well-intended coworkers that may lead to inconsistencies and confusion.

Creating KLONE procedure checklists is a cumulative effort by company leaders to use their expertise and knowledge to set a sequence ahead of time to train and offer continuous development for employees to learn the “right way” to accomplish tasks. Setting a sequence ahead of time, establishes positive routines and habits of hundreds of unwritten rules that companies need to operate. Routines reduce uncertainty and builds confidence in workers.

Companies/Trainers often act as though people are taught a skill once, and that should be enough. KLONE Checklists provide employees an immediate reference tool. KLONE Checklist is an insurance policy that increases the odds that your employees will make better informed decisions on their own, without having to reaffirm their course of action by asking their supervisor for permission at every step.

Tracking the progress of employees’ assigned checklists can be monitored by both the employee and their supervisors. Employees’ can challenge themselves to achieve 100% completion in a timely and efficient manner, while a supervisor/manager can remotely oversee KLONE checklists and offer reinforcement, realize coaching opportunities, or recognize and acknowledge a job well done!

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