Who We Are

KLONE is a software and services company
We are dedicated to improving and replicating top performance across your business and your teams.

KLONE extends your vision, promotes transparency, enables coaching / mentorship, and consistently reinforces company policies. KLONE helps protect an owner, employees, and company from liabilities, by documenting SOP, policies, and business rules, which are shared with employees, partners, or other team members within your business community.

Most successful business people have often stated at one point or another in their careers:

“If I can just clone myself, or clone my key employees, I wouldn’t have to worry about hiring and training new staff all the time and potentially have less problems to solve.”

Or maybe you have thought:

”I can’t finish or focus on my critical activities because I am always being pulled by my team to answer important questions.”

Well, we created KLONE to help with that! It is designed against real life experiences managing and developing people, and optimizing your team’s best performance.


Craig North

Craig’s entire business career has focused on developing and growing businesses. From working with startups to consulting with global / multi-national companies, his experience touches many facets of a client businesses from implementing strategy, driving organizational change, developing operating practices, and documenting how teams cohesively work together. Through KLONE, Craig has designed a solution that embraces past software and management consulting experience designed for today’s working environement.

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